the rules
The following guidelines have been put in place to narrow the focus of submissions while retaining the broad perspective the project is designed to showcase.
  1. This project is designed to showcase the innumerable qualities of human
    beauty. As such, submitted photos should feature an individual or individuals
    as the focus of the composition.

  2. In the interests of reaching as broad an audience as possible, any submitted
    photos of an intimate nature should be tasteful. Overtly sexual photos will not
    be accepted.

  3. As the expected submissions will vary style, subject matter and tone, the final
    request is that submitted photos be of excellent quality, as a means bringing
    a unifying thread to the body of work.
Aside from the above requests you are free to submit whatever you wish. Shoot something specifically for the project, or choose something you've already shot. Be as creative with your interpretation of the subject as you like. You have a blank canvas to push the boundaries of what we see as beautiful.

-Thank you